Why Novax?

SuperLock Technology

Consensus İnformation Although Proof of Work is robust, it has some problems due to its high processing power requirement, energy consumption and possibility of centralization. Get rewards without any technical knowledge and equipment, without mining or operating the device thanks to SuperLock. SuperLock is a first in the world. Without third parties and intermediaries, the algorithm does its job you recieve your staking rewards on the blockchain regularly. No reason can block your reward.

Unlike staking in SuperLock technology, your Novaxes are burned after they are locked, and at the end of 12 months, you can produce your burned Novax again thanks to smart contracts and return them to your wallet. The reduction of Novax in circulation and this burning feature is a technology unique to Novax and SuperLock.

Memo Text and Wallet

It is not seen for whom and for what purpose the money comes between the two people who exchange crypto money. It is not known from whom for what purpose when the traders send money to the stock exchange. This, crypto is one of the most important features of money, but even if it is not clear from people when sending it to each other, the explanation also wants to let you know what it is sent for so businesses and organizations know what it is for and can distinguish it from. This explanation feature, which will be made easily to individuals, businesses and organizations through Memo wallet, will provide savings, efficiency and trust..

Business- Stabil Value

Cryptocurrencies’ increasing transfer fees and highly volatile movements prevent them from being useful in commercial transactions. Individuals and companies prefer to trade in a stable currency. The use of Novax will be supported by stable cryptocurrency and will be used by exchanging it in its stable form during the transaction.

Wrong Transfer Block

Novax Wallet service all users to save their NVX other cryptocurrency based on TRC20. When you want to send any token on Novax Wallet, if receiving address is wrong, Novax Wallet won’t allow you to transfer your NVX and other tokens to save your money. Also NVX will not be lost and the transaction will be canceled by NovaxChain in the case of erroneous transactions made to crypto money wallets other than Novax.

Minimum Transfer Fee

Directing cryptocurrencies on the blockchain is labor-intensive, and thanks to these fees, miners and validators are paid, which keep the system running smoothly.Transaction fees can vary depending on the density of the blockchain network. A user who wants their payment to be urgently verified; He may choose to pay a higher fee to avoid the current transaction queue. In Novax's own ecosystem, there are no miners that produce new NVX coins. Therefore, transaction fees are negligible. Using the Tron base, NVX offers users the ability to scale NVX and transfer small amounts, thanks to the minimum transfer fee in the Tron network. The transfer fee will be the least among all cryptocurrencies, and will be realized in its own Novax ecosystem and network.

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