Novax Wallet Features
• Full Privacy: No personal information is required, there is no login or sign up
• The all-in-one wallet mobile app for blockchain and cryptocurrency
• Industry-leading in-app support and help center
• Minımum fees - Yes, that’s right - send and receive is minimum fee
• A simple and easy to use user interface allows for a fast and intuitive experience
• Your keys are yours and PRIVATE to you alone - You truly own your crypto
• Fully decentralized p2p wallet and gateway to DEFI
• The most secure and trusted source to hold digital money in a mobile device.

Novax Wallet uses advanced security mechanisms that completely protects the user’s private keys, and makes private keys and sensitive data available only on the user’s specific device, utilizing the latest military-grade technology for encryption. This means you truly own and control your TRX and other crypto TRX tokens. No third party, including Novax Wallet, can access your private keys or restrict any transaction the user decides to make. Transactions of coins and tokens are direct, safe, secure and fast, and are instantly recorded on the blockchain.

Important Note Regarding Security and Privacy
• Your Private Key is stored encrypted on your smartphone. It is never shared or sent anywhere. Nobody at the Novax Wallet
organization can access your private key.
• NEVER ever share your 12-word seed phrase. Never!
• We can not recover your funds if you lose your private key or share it with someone else.

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