Get rewards without any technical knowledge and equipment, without mining or operating the device thanks to SuperLock. SuperLock is a first in the world. Without third parties and intermediaries, the algorithm does its job you recieve your staking rewards on the blockchain regularly. No reason can block your reward. 

Unlike staking in SuperLock technology, your Novaxes are burned after they are locked, and at the end of 12 months, you can produce your burned Novax again thanks to smart contracts and return them to your wallet. The reduction of Novax in circulation and this burning feature is a technology unique to Novax and SuperLock.

Users will receive the rewards they won in the next month. Stake rewards can be withdrawn to wallets exactly 1 month later, on SuperLock date. They will be able to withdraw their locked NVX from SuperLock back to the mobile wallet at the end of one year. This process takes place every month during the 12 months. The users receives the rewards every month.

The SuperLock reward rate is 60 % for one year in 2021. SuperLock Rewards will be 30 % in the coming years. Up to 40 million NVX can be locked in SuperLock and no user can benefit from the SuperLock rewards program anymore. Rewards rate and time interval can be changed by community decision.

Your lock will be lifted automatically after 12 months. Once you receive your coins in SuperLock, you will not be allowed to continue to receive and prizes. You can withdraw your novax anytime after 12 months, but after withdrawing you cannot continue to get rewards from SuperLock. If you want to get rewards in SuperLock, you can lock your NVX again for a year. 

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