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Why Novax?

A cryptocurrency is accepted and supported by its developers, community and the solutions it offers. Sustainability and stability make that cryptocurrency a success. Novax is more than these details. With long-term R&D studies, everything has been considered and unique features are added. We have developed a system and mobile wallet, which allows users to determine the duration themselves, without any technical knowledge and equipment, without mining or operating the device. As another solution and to ensure that alphanumeric characters and text such as eos are sent on the tron network.

A First In The CryptoCurrency World! We have developed a mobile wallet that allows users to receive staking rewards without any technical knowledge and hardware, without intermediaries, connect to the blockchain and work with a decentralized and smart contract.

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What Did They Say About Novax?

Novax moves forward with user and community decisions.

It is great to connect to the blockchain to the Tron network in a decentralized way with its mobile app and SuperLock Technology. Process of Staking is diffrent and makes it different from similar ones. Forever Novax!!

Maurice Mirabito

Mobile App Developer

It is very different from the projects I have seen so far, and the biggest difference is that it progresses with the decisions of the community. Novax will grow in short time thanks to its pricing and stability.

Gurkan Basci

Cryptocurrency Investor

Novax transfer fee is very low and transfers are very fast. The users connect to Smart Contract with Novax Wallet and noone need technical knowledge to get reward from SuperLock reward program.

Alex Statham

Computer Engineer

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